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【Official】Umibe no Yu

A hot spring inn with Uraga Channel right in front of you

"Umibe no Yu Kanaya" in Kanaya, Futtsu City, Chiba Prefecture, is an inn with the sea of Uchibo spreading out in front of you, fresh fishermen's cuisine, and brown Hot Spring.
Why don't you come and relax in the pot bath in each room and heal your daily fatigue?

You can enjoy fresh fish dishes and grilled shellfish at the restaurant next door, "Fisherman Cuisine Kanaya Kanaya".

≪Chiba trip campaign≫

  • Nationwide travel support

    Chiba special trip campaign extension decision! Campaign period:1/10 (Tuesday) - 6/30(Friday)
    For details, please click "National Travel Assistance".
     Extension decision! Campaign period:1/10 (Tuesday) - 6/30(Friday)

    *Overnight trips until 7/1 (Saturday) checkout, day trips until 6/30 (Friday)
     Up to
    *Overnight trip:4/29 (Saturday) - 5/7 (Sunday) Stay,day trip:4/29 (Saturday) - 5/7 (Sunday) Implementation 
     are excluded.
    *Proof of 3 or more vaccinations in addition to proof of residency, or
     Please do not forget to bring a negative certificate such as a PCR test.

≪Efforts against the new coronavirus infection≫

  • Regarding relaxation of wearing masks from March 13, 2023

    ◎ Please continue to cooperate with hand alcohol disinfection and temperature measurement.
    ◎We may limit the number of people in the public bath on the 2nd floor.
    ◎ Regular ventilation and disinfection cleaning are performed throughout the facility.
    ◎Splash prevention sheets are installed in various places to prevent infection.
    ◎ We will continue to thoroughly manage the health of our employees, including temperature checks.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

≪Reservation privilege≫

  • Announcement of Official website reservation bonus

    Official drink and
    We offer free late check-out.
    Please proceed to the reservation from the "Accommodation reservation button" at the top of the page.

    *Welcome drink You can choose beer (small glass) or soft drink.
    *Late Check-out Usually 10:00 AM → AM11:00
                (It may not be available depending on the situation.)


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Hotel Name

Umibe no Yu


525-17 Kanaya, Futtsu City, Chiba Prefecture

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