There are special benefits for reservations made through the Official website.
Please see "Reservation Benefits" at the bottom of the page.

【Important】Drones are not allowed on the premises of this facility.We will notify the police as soon as we discover it.
【Important】Currently, the grilled shellfish buffet is not available at the annex Fisherman Cuisine Kanaya.Please understand.

【Official】Umibe no Yu

A hot spring inn with Uraga Channel right in front of you

"Umibe no Yu Kanaya" in Kanaya, Futtsu City, Chiba Prefecture, is an inn with the sea of Uchibo spreading out in front of you, fresh fishermen's cuisine, and brown Hot Spring.
Why don't you come and relax in the pot bath in each room and heal your daily fatigue?

You can enjoy fresh fish dishes and grilled shellfish at the restaurant next door, "Fisherman Cuisine Kanaya Kanaya".
*The shellfish buffet is currently suspended.Please order as a set or individually.

【Important Notice】

  • About "Kajime"

    This year's stock of Kajime has sold out due to popular demand.The next sales launch is expected to be around March 2025.
    We will announce the start of sales on this website and on Instagram.We apologize for the inconvenience, but please wait for a while until the item arrives.

≪Reservation privilege≫

  • Announcement of Official website reservation bonus

    Only customers who have made a reservation via Official website,
    We offer a free welcome drink.
    Please proceed to the reservation from the "Accommodation reservation button" at the top of the page.

    *Welcome drink You can choose beer (small glass) or soft drink.

Official website only! Premium Wagyu Kaiseki plan【Uses A5 rank Wagyu beef from Chiba Prefecture】

  • recommendation! Chiba prefecture Wagyu beef A5 rank fillet offer plan

    Official HP limited/Premium Wagyu Kaiseki plan
    Please enjoy Chiba Prefecture Wagyu A5 rank fillet with steak and sukiyaki.

    The fillet meat is very tender in taste, and although it is lean, it has just the right amount of marbling and is characterized by a flavorful meat juice.
    The doneness is rare.Enjoy eating with our soy sauce and wasabi that brings out the flavor.Enjoy sukiyaki with the original sweet warishita.

    The five pieces of sushi are prepared with fresh seafood recommended that day.Please enjoy seasonal foods.

    Please check the menu on the food page.

    To make a reservation, please see plan details or the accommodation reservation on the top right of the top page.

≪Efforts against the new coronavirus infection≫

  • Regarding the transition to Category 5 of the new corona infectious disease from May 8, 2023

    ◎ Please continue to cooperate with hand alcohol disinfection and temperature measurement.
    ◎We may limit the number of people in the public bath on the 2nd floor.
    ◎ Regular ventilation and disinfection cleaning are performed throughout the facility.
    ◎ We will continue to thoroughly manage the health of our employees, including temperature checks.
    ◎ Employees' mask wearing will also be an individual judgment.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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Hotel Name

Umibe no Yu


525-17 Kanaya, Futtsu City, Chiba Prefecture

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We accept orders for cakes and bouquets for anniversaries, birthdays, and celebrations!


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