Perhaps one of the most listed aspects of the newest mukbang phenomenon was its part in personal facilitation

Centered on Choe (2019), through food and dining, mukbang viewers was associated to one another of the a sense of co-presence that overcame actual range

Schwegler-Castaner (2018) discussed the fresh instances of about three female mukbangers (one Singaporean, you to South Korean, and another American) and you can chatted about mukbang out of a feminist knowledge perspective. According to the lady, mukbang video clips had the potential to counter loneliness and you will separation from the linking and you can revealing the same focus that have a virtual area. In the an assessment studies on electronic commensality (i.age. the technique of food with her), Spence mais aussi al. (2019) debated exactly how mukbang may be used to emotionally helps commensality within the buy to manage dinner alone. Their main concern is that there is couples empirical knowledge about how exactly mukbang seeing you’ll affect viewers. Nevertheless they asked if mukbang you certainly will give similar masters to possess a keen person’s mental health that have been pertaining to really dinner and anybody else. Regardless of the scarcity of browse into emotional predictors and you may effects regarding mukbang sensation, they concluded that seeing mukbang whenever you are dining might give watchers a feeling of digital commensality (Spence et al. 2019), and you will that may foster thoughts out-of affective contact with rest.

Hakimey and you will Yazdanifard (2015) checked the latest communications of Southern Korean culture and you will mukbang trend by examining newsprint publicity in regards to the mukbangers. They figured mukbang viewing enabled watchers to communicate with thousands of men and women from your home while watching someone consume. Hakimey and you will Yazdanifard (2015) argued that like Western residents, Southern area Koreans all over all ages was in fact much more experiencing life style alone being alone inside unmarried-people domiciles, hence raised public separation added them to seeing mukbang as the ways to have food people and you will effect emotionally linked to other people.

According to Hakimey and you may Yazdanifard (2015), the fresh psychological partnership and you will empathy believed for the mukbangers are very important members inside the viewing mukbang. For example, one top mukbanger triggerred which aforementioned relationship certainly their men audience participants thru eating food from inside the armed forces degree dresses into the a space adorned with different armed forces paraphernalia (elizabeth.grams., toy rifles, competition figures) one to reminded audience away from sentimental memories of its services because the a great soldier. Hakimey and you may Yazdanifard (2015) together with contended you to definitely mukbang provided a harmonious place-upwards in which people met up as one neighborhood and you can of the each other toward mutual hobbies. Positive responses in regards to the mukbanger and you may dining advanced high emotions from neighborhood and you will self-confident ideas one particular whom spotted mukbang (Hakimey and you may Yazdanifard 2015).

Furthermore, mukbang watching let a sense of co-presence certainly visitors through posting comments together for eating eating together with her in front of the their favorite mukbanger (Choe 2019)

Certain instructional outputs enjoys analysed mukbang-related blogs (elizabeth.g. escort in Alexandria, mukbangers, mukbang movies, viewer comments). Choe (2019) conducted a content analysis investigation analysing and you may reviewing 67 mukbang video clips films of a male Southern Korean mukbanger. She looked at new mukbang technology within the South Korean people of a good sociolinguistic direction. Choe (2019) emphasized you to dining together with her was believed a crucial element of South Korean society that individuals exceed sharing a dining table to once the much as the eating on the same bowls. Predicated on Choe (2019), you to definitely essential facilitation out of mukbang are the latest fulfillment from a dream for eating with a family. Choe (2019) theorized you to definitely because separated restaurants is increasingly common in several places worldwide and in South Korea, mukbang offered a sense of public unity for these really restaurants alone. Enjoying mukbang generated audience be mentally connected since if they certainly were dining that have some body (Choe 2019). She also emphasized the latest character off mukbangers into the delivering an atmosphere out-of collaborative food through engaging in some other dining strategies participated by the viewers, thus resulting in an increased union amongst the mukbanger and viewers.