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My brand new friend that is best Bianca/ we’m a twenty eight yr old white feminine, five base nine ins high,

Published by KirstyB, on 2017-04-05, genre lesbian

A thirty four C, twenty three thirty five figure, Blonde and working in a bank and have always been nevertheless single, although I had my share of fucked up relationships. I simply can not appear to get the things I require away from a relationship from some of the males i have dated, and so I have always been the very last of my girlfriends this is certainly nevertheless solitary.

We’d our typical Girlie parties and notice whom is to find hitched, at our typical haunt that is favorite we came across a lady who I’d seen here in other cases I’d been here therefore we struck up a discussion. She ended up being a really pretty woman, about my shape and size and then we hit it next to, therefore I invited her to become listed on us. She was at exactly the same ship so we made plans for the future as me, unattached, no prospects and no unmarried friends.