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Mucositis frequently gets better a couple of weeks after chemotherapy finishes.

Lack of appetite

You may lose urge for food if you are having chemotherapy, you should make an effort to drink lots of liquids and consume what you could.

  • Consume small meals more frequently in the place of 3 bigger dishes every day
  • Eat healthy treats frequently
  • Consume light dishes on your day of your therapy
  • Drink beverages gradually through a straw, in the place of consuming them directly from the cup

Inform your care group if you are concerned about your diet or shortage of appetite.

Skin and nail modifications

Some chemotherapy medicines could cause short-term modifications to your skin layer.

As an example, it might be:

  • Dry
  • Slightly discoloured (this might be patchy)
  • More responsive to sunshine
  • Sore and red
  • Itchy

Speak to your care group when you yourself have any issues with your own skin. They could counsel you about ointments which will help and just how to safeguard your own skin from the sunlight.

Chemotherapy may also make your finger nails become brittle or flaky, and white lines may develop across them. This would return to normal after your therapy has completed.

Utilizing moisturiser in your finger nails can help and nail varnish ( not quick-drying varnish or nails that are false could be used to protect your finger nails during treatment if you prefer.

Memory and concentration issues

Many people end up having their short-term memory, concentration and attention period during chemotherapy. You may realize that routines tasks simply just take considerably longer than typical.